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Community Service through the end of the year

Posted by lgmcdonnell on Nov 29 2020 - 1:37pm
Below are two unique opportunities for Scouts ages 14 and above. There will be another opportunity to do Community Service including for those younger than 14 and an announcement coming soon.
Where: Encinitas location - will send once your shift is confirmed

Virtua New Scout Trek 9/18-9/20

Posted by gmarsh on Sep 6 2020 - 11:00pm
With Covid, we never did a New Scout Trek last year. So we’d like to start the scouting year with a Virtual New Scout Trek from 9/18 to 9/20. Needless to say, this is a combined trek for both Troop 2000B and Troop 2000G. Kathy Montanez and Gene Marsh are the trek leads. Zack Waterman will be the SPL for the trek. Here’s a brief trek description:

This is a virtual trek, designed to help scouts achieve 1st class. Any advancement requirement that requires camping nights, cooking for a patrol, etc. can be completed as part of this event. We will be conducting virtual Totin’ Chit and Firem’n Chit trainings on Saturday. In addition, advancement training targeted to the attending scouts will be held.

Community Service Opportunity for Scouts 15 yrs. and over

Posted by lgmcdonnell on Aug 30 2020 - 11:30am

The Community Resource Center in Encinitas needs help with loading, unloading and/or sorting items for their Retail Stores. This is part of our ongoing relationship with the CRC, the group where we also donate our food for Scouting Food and in the past we have worked in their Annual Holiday Baskets event at the Del Mar Fairgrounds.  Due to Covid restrictions currently, many community service opportunities are on hold but the CRC is accepting volunteer Scouts ages 15 and over. If interested see below

Philmont Scout Ranch July 24- August 6 2021; PAYMENT DUE now for PARTICIPANTS

Posted by Billymiyagawa on Aug 8 2020 - 10:52am

Hi Troop 2000 PSR participants!

PAYMENT DUE 9/15/2020 $500 (this is the first of 3 $500 installments due sept15, dec15, and Feb15 2021.

See attached information sheet.

Community Service Opportunity 6/28

Posted by lgmcdonnell on Jun 21 2020 - 9:14am

Another opportunity listed below to pick fruit for the charity Harvest CROPS-  they provide food for those at risk for malnutrition.  Several of us did this two weekends ago and believe it or not it was a blast! The orchards are on homeowner private property and they are donating all of their crop to different charities. If parents are present kids as young as 11 can participate. It’s actually an enjoyable family event. You can get at least 3 hours of Community Service with this event. If interested email me   General info:

COH June 2020

Posted by gmiyagawa on Jun 17 2020 - 7:37pm

I saw that Trevor wanted to see the presentation that we used for the Court of Honor so here is a link to the file for those curious.

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