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Scoutmaster Minute 2019-06-23

Posted by gmarsh on Jun 23 2019 - 9:48pm

Just a brief note to remind everyone of upcoming events.

  • Congratulations to San Sproule and Thomas Gonzales, our new SPL and ASPL! We will have a scout leadership training on August 24th, right before scout meetings resume in the fall. Look for the time and location on the scout calendar soon.
  • This Wednesday will be the final scout meeting for the year. its your last chance for a Board of Review, or to easily catch a Scoutmaster. I'd request that if you can, bring some cookies, brownies, or other goodies to make the send off special.
  • The Kern River Trek is next weekend, June 29 and 30th. There will be a brief preparatory meeting this Wednesday at the final meeting.
  • Paperwork for Summer Camp at Emerald Bay is due. This includes physical forms, merit badget prerequitsites, etc. Please get them in to Danielle Page-Pattison as soon as you can.
  • We will resume meetings on August 28th. I look forward to seeing you then.


IOLS training for new ASM --new adult leaders

Posted by Billymiyagawa on Jun 13 2019 - 11:35pm
July 13-14 Troop 2000 Parents- we have another IOLS- Introduction to Outdoor Leadership Training Course being offered for anyone who wasnt able to attend in June!
Lakeside Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church, 13208 Lakeshore Dr.

Magnolia District will be hosting a combined training of BALOO and IOLS, these hands-on classes are necessary to take Cub Scouts or Scouts camping. This fun two-day training will be conducted by adults and older scouts who have been where you are and are eager to share knowledge and teaching methods. You will leave with new skills to pass on to your dens and troops.

Troop 2000 featured in Memorial Day News

Posted by gmarsh on Jun 4 2019 - 2:00pm

This Week in Scouting provided a link to an news clip of the Memorial Day service. Here's the link: click

June 7 to 8th IOLS training. Parents we need you trained!! Upcoming ASM training course for parents new to ASM role

Posted by Billymiyagawa on May 27 2019 - 2:15pm
Parents we need your help! this course is less than 24hrs. overnight camping event. IOLS course does not come up often throughout the year
The troop relies on adults (both men and women) to accompany our scouts on treks. Any adult that is willing to become an ASM (Assistant Scoutmaster), needs to do a little training-- one of which is IOLS training-- definition is below.
Orange County Council is offering IOLS training June 7 6pm to June 8 6p- if you are available to attend please sign up. I will be there and hopefully a few more parents will join in-- we CANNOT run treks without your support and if we only have minimal support, we have to limit number of scouts on treks. 
link for IOLS June 7-8 sign up Click or tap to follow the link." href="" rel="noopener noreferrer" target="_blank" data-auth="Verified">

Oso Lake Scout Camp

First Aid/CPR class 2.5-3 hours Tuesday May 28 4p-7p

Posted by Billymiyagawa on May 27 2019 - 2:12pm
Doodle Poll decided- Class will be the 28th: CPR & First Aid- Class size limited to 12 participants. 
CPR/First Aid & IOLS are the 2 "attend a class" needed for ASM training. All other training is online or during treks. 

Swimming and Lifesaving Merit Badges option

Posted by Billymiyagawa on May 23 2019 - 12:01pm

Reminder one option for obtaining Swimming and Lifesaving Merit Badges is Waterworks Aquatics. They typically offer courses once a month and it is between 2-3 hours dependent on how many participants. Custom classes are available-- minimum 4 participants and you pick the date & time for a 2 hour course. Cost is ~ $40 The Carlsbad and Irivine locations offer MB courses-- Sorrento Valley Does not. 760-603-9400

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